Which surfaces are more ideal for sandcarving than laser engraving, and why?

We feel that although modern innovations such as laser engraving allow for automated processing of the film, lasers are sometimes limited to flat substrates, light surface etches, and a rough, chipped finish rather than the smooth lines sandcarving provides. While lasers do work well with wood and plastic, we believe they are not the ideal choice for glass and curved surfaces. The overall benefits of sandcarving are easily seen when using brittle substrates where both fine detail and deep carving can be achieved. The combination of deep carving, fine detail, versatility of substrates, and ability to add color to sandcarved pieces lend itself to creating high-value pieces. As an example, some markets can see 70 to 90% gross profit margins. 

   —IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullican IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan was previously the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation.

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