Which sublimatable awards products should I offer to my customers?

There are sublimatable products established for certain markets such as awards. In that market we see metal plates, plaques, and ribbons. Keep in mind that in the awards market, you may use a significant quantity of metal (name plates) to sublimate for trophy bases versus a stand-alone product to sell to an end user.

The basics are not so obvious to stock.  It’s wise to look for the lower cost “blanks” such as the badges, coasters, and mugs. Although plaques are an obvious choice for an awards retailer, they are not inexpensive. As an example, an 8-by-10-inch MDF regular plaque may be $1.25 in quantity. A sublimatable plaque, same size may be $5.25 in quantity. Talk to your suppliers and find what’s best for your shop and customer base.

-Cathy Garcia, Marco Awards Group

Cathy Garcia

Cathy Garcia of Marco Awards Group entered the awards and recognition industry 25 years ago and has spent almost all of those years in marketing, new product development and China sourcing. She spent a large portion of time in China working to build successful manufacturing resources and product quality assurance.   

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