When working with rhinestones, do decorators have to individually place all of the stones by hand?

Nope! With a flock material, the process is quick and straightforward. Using a vinyl cutter, cut the rhinestone pattern into the template material, pour the stones on it, brush the stones in a circular motion, and they will fall into place. 

To transfer the rhinestones from the template material onto a shirt or garment, you will need to lay a piece of hot-fix transfer tape on top of the stones. The stones will stick to the tape and can then be moved to your heat press with ease. Common rhinestones used in this scenario are called hot-fix rhinestones. The backs of hot-fix rhinestones have glue that is activated when heat is applied. Take the rhinestone transfer you have created using the flock material and hot-fix transfer tape, lay it on your shirt or garment, and press it with a heat press. The glue will be activated, and the rhinestones will adhere to your material. 

   —The Rhinestone World

Matt Vassallo

Matt Vassallo is the owner and founder of Florida-based company the Rhinestone World. Learn more about Vassallo and The Rhinestone World at

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