When selecting an image for engraving a stone mural, what should be considered?

The biggest misconception with laser engraving photos is thinking any photo will work. Reflect on the photo itself before thinking about the laser machine or the wall, and you will find that you want the best picture possible to tell your story. This image must have clarity, contrast, and noteworthy consideration.

The picture should be clear and crisp. Enlarge the image to fill an entire wall, so find a picture with as high of a resolution as possible, preferably 600 DPI or more. Preview your image in black and white as it reveals the best contrast.

Take a look at the background and the main subject of the photo to see that it has excellent contrast. You do not want similar colors throughout the image, but instead find pictures with as many details of dark and light shading as possible.

Finally, consider what you want your image to say to others. Why are you choosing this photo for the mural? Be sure the photo is relevant and unique for the attention it will receive.

-Eric Johnson, Kern Laser

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is a machinist by trade and has a degree in mechanical drafting and design. He has been employed with Kern Laser Systems the past 18 years building and selling laser equipment. He is currently a sales consultant working with new and custom CO2 applications.

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