What’s the best way to lay out my shop’s showroom or store front?

You have to keep three main layout concerns in mind when mapping out where to put your offerings in a space.

  • Store arrangement-think about visual merchandising
    • What do you want your customers to see when they walk into your shop?
    • You want to encourage more foot traffic around your showroom or storefront
  • Classification of particular products
    • Have miniature departments to fit the needs of all customers
    • For example, break off sections into fanwear, full-color, signs, graphics, etc. depending on what your shop offers
    • Classification allows you to point customers to an area of your store if they’re looking for something specific
  • Allocation of space to a particular product
    • If you have a lot of customers coming to you for a distinct product/service, consider making that a focal point
    • Based on how profitable the product is and what your customer base wants, arrange your shop accordingly
    • Larger sections of your space get allocated to the products that pull in the most profit

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Jenna Sackett

Jenna Sackett


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