What’s the argument for using heat transfers over other decoration methods on athletic apparel?

The advantage of using heat transfers above other methods of apparel decoration can be observed in the diverse range of garments that need decorating.

Each garment and its unique structure can vary in many ways.  The fabric can be lightweight or heavy and shaped with an array of integrated fabric panels and surface textures, which can make the print application a hard task for direct printing methods. Applying heat transfers onto premade garments with numerous accessories in the proximity of pockets, buttons, zippers, and fabric sewn panels make embellishment a formidable challenge.

Also, companies wanting to maintain low apparel inventories can now print without time-consuming printing processes.  With the heat transfer already pre-applied, this offers unlimited potential for companies’ speed-to-market efficiencies.

With the majority of the difficult print application processes out of the way, the versatility of heat transfers will enable repeatable time, temperature, and pressure parameters to deliver perfect transfer adherence. With the ease and speed application onto performance wear, decorators recognize heat transfers as a durable, convenient, and efficient way to decorate activewear.

—Insta Graphic Systems

Chris Pluck

Chris Pluck

Insta Graphic Systems

Chris Pluck has been involved with the imprinting of textiles for more than 30 years. He is a passionate and positive advocate for all aspects of apparel printing. Pluck is the business development director at Insta Graphic Systems in Cerritos, California.

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