What upgrades should I install to my rotary engraving software?

  • Collections of optimized engraving fonts are available to meet all project needs.
  • Most engraving software is upgradable to include full-color scanning and vectorizing of graphics, text, and logos.
  • 2- and 2.5-D levels allow you to design and cut out letters with relief carving or cutouts of sheet material for dimensional signage.
  • 2-D fill allows you to engrave logos and true type fonts with filled lettering.
  • Grade 2 Braille Translation and the Raster Braille License is available for production of ADA-compliant signage.
  • Advanced nesting can reduce material consumption by up to 50 percent when producing cut shapes and dimensional lettering.

-Anthony Harris, Gravotech

Anthony Harris, Gravotech

Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris is the director of government sales and applications at Gravotech. He has over 16 years of experience consulting with clients and partners in the marking materials, engraving routers, and laser processing industry.

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