What types of sandcarved products can awards retailers offer customers in addition to traditional trophies and plaques?

Just about any substrate that has a friable surface can be sandcarved – glass, all natural stone, Corian, wood, and ceramics or porcelain – but there are a few markets that we’re seeing growth in that sandcarvers can tap into.

Customizing wine and spirits is popular today, allowing for single or multi-color infills, and customized label reproduction for bridal industries (couples create their own brands and typography) are perfect for home glassware or home bars.

Microbrews are also quickly becoming popular; as such, pub glasses or personalized growlers are a great form of advertising. “Club glasses,” for example, develop brand identity and add product loyalty.

Recycled glass and hobby markets are taking advantage of the simplicity and uniqueness of being able to personalize and further decorate their craft and artwork creations. Sandcarving is the perfect method for deburring and cleaning glass that has been kiln-formed and/or molded. The same is true for stone cutting – sandcarving the cuts can provide beautiful and smooth edging to stone.

-Billy Willis, Rayzist

Billy Willis

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