What techniques are currently available to mark metal?

Some of the ways commonly used to mark metal in the industry are mechanical engraving (rotary engraver), laser engraving, either CO2 or fiber/YAG as well as chemical engraving (etch and fill).

There’s a variety of printing methods that can be used to mark metal including inkjet, UV, sublimation, and screen printing. These methods are typically not as durable as engraving options depending on the final use of the product.

Before you decide on your substrate, you must consider a few factors, What is the base material? How durable is the product? What is the imaging process and what is the price point?


Karly Baldi, Horizons Incorporated

Karly Baldi

Karly Baldi has 12 years of experience marketing AlumaMark and DuraBlack, having held the position of international sales and marketing manager for Horizons Incorporated since 2008. She is responsible for managing distribution, marketing, and technical support of the two brands.

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