What should I keep in mind when adding color to clear or jade glass after sandcarving?

If you want to add color to award and recognition pieces made from clear or jade glass, make sure you choose a paint color that is opaque enough to show up solidly when light comes through the glass. In this case, you have the most popular choice of using any good-quality spray paint from your hardware store. If you need to match colors for a given logo, you are better off going to an art supply store since they carry spray paints that match the Pantone charts used in the printing industry.

—Professional Glass Consultant

Learn more about adding color to your sandcarved products in the April ’19 issue of A&E.

Ruth Jan 2018

Ruth Dobbins

With over 35 years in the glass business, Ruth Dobbins offers experience in fused and cast glass, as well as in glass-etching techniques. She owns Professional Glass Consultants with her husband Norm and holds a master's in printmaking and art history.

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