What should I expect to get from an embroidery conference?

Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned veteran, you should always stay up-to-date with your industry. The best and most exciting way to do this is through attending industry conferences. You don’t have to spend tons of money setting up your own booth. It’s either free or very inexpensive to attend as a guest, and you’ll still reap plenty of the benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should attend conferences, like THE NBM SHOW, and what to expect:

  1. Business relationships. If you’re looking for opportunities to grow your business, you’ll most likely find them through networking at industry events. Luckily, most business owners in this industry are very open about sharing their success tactics. You can take the time to find out what’s working for your competition. You can even meet other embroiderers or apparel decorators who would like to do business with you. How? For instance, some embroiderers may already have a customer base, but don’t find it profitable to offer a certain type of embroidery either due to learning curves or their machine capability. If you meet an embroiderer who outsources their 3D puff, caps, or patches, take that as an opportunity for business. The same applies to custom apparel businesses. Custom T-shirt businesses constantly receive embroidery requests, so make sure you talk to people outside your niche. If possible, come prepared with samples, business cards, and fliers that list all of your services.
  2. Exclusive workshops and seminars. The best part about industry events is the refreshed knowledge you take home with you. You may learn new techniques to improve your production or discover trends that provide new insights you need to grow your business. Even if you’re an expert, you could always use a refresher to stay inspired and on the right track, or even give you a great new idea you hadn’t thought of. Unlike the internet, event speakers are vetted by the event’s planners, so you know you’re getting great content from trusted industry experts. Most of the time, the workshops and seminars are specific to the show, so you won’t find them online or anywhere else.
  3. A first-hand look at the latest equipment in the space. This one is a given. Manufacturers of equipment typically debut their products so you are the first to know about the new equipment from high-tech embroidery machines to printing machinery. A lot of manufacturers will also have special deals available to attendees only. It’s a good chance to get a deal on a piece of equipment you’ve been eyeing for a while.
  4. Meet new wholesalers. By meeting new wholesalers, you can discover new lines of products that can help you grow your business. Get a good look and feel for the quality of the supplies to help you make an informed decision when investing in new inventory. You’ll get quick answers from product experts, so you can build trust in the suppliers you’re working with or plan to work with.
  5. Freebies! This one is just for kicks, but who doesn’t like random stuff that you’d probably never go out and buy for yourself?

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Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez is the content specialist at Ricoma Embroidery Machines. Ricoma engineers, manufactures, and distributes embroidery equipment worldwide. To support both the industry and its customers, Ricoma regularly creates blog and video content to give both beginners and experts the confidence to start or grow their custom apparel business with embroidery. For more information regarding Ricoma, visit or click here to view Ricoma embroidery machine specifications. To contact Laura directly, email [email protected] 

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