What should awards retailers know about personalizing kitchen and houseware items?

Your current customers may only buy awards from you, but when they see kitchen products in your store, they can come back for gifts and tell their friends and family where to find personalized items for the home. From housewarming gifts to wedding gifts and more, everyone needs kitchen and houseware items. Offering products for the kitchen gives you a chance to add some personalized style to a place most people spend a lot of their time. 

Designs and images can vary based on the style of the home, but retro diner décor (1950s, ’60s) and food-themed décor (latte/coffee shop theme, country cooking, etc.) are popular. Fresh fruit or veggies as still life images in artwork or quotes and sayings about family and food, are perfect for the kitchen. Basically, any image or design that brings food and family to mind works really well in this category.

-Jennifer Foy & Peggy Waters, Unisub

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