What SFX transfer options are available to decorators?

Rise above the ordinary with the addition of special effect finishes that can provide the heat transfer with an entirely new lease on life.

Producing an embossed effect on a flat printed transfer can immediately provide an exciting new addition of shape and dimension to the transfer graphic image, creating multiple 3D effects. Embossed, raised ink features can even be combined with faux finish graphics such as suede, leather, cork, embroidery, and fabric patch designs. Aligned with these printable finishes, the transfer graphic can be created for an array of fusible options where glitter, metallic foil, metallic sparkle, silver tone, neon fluorescents, and glow-in-the-dark, finishes can become an integral part of the transfer’s enhanced appearance and desirability.

What’s more, with new technological advances heat transfer inks can be paired with specialty papers and films to achieve specific surface finishes. For example, a variety of special finishes can be added such as gloss, matte, smooth, luster, or shine effects that can provide subtle enhancements to the visual and wearable qualities of the substrate.

—Insta Graphic Systems

Chris Pluck

Chris Pluck

Insta Graphic Systems

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