What role can patches play in a shop’s menu of offerings?

Custom patches are a sales opportunity that 90% of companies overlook. If you are up to date on current retail trends, you will notice big label brands across all styles utilizing patches in their decorated apparel.

Hats are the No. 1 opportunity for a reliable patch program. Whether you embroider in-house or partner with another local company, don’t miss out on this easy upsell.

Patches give you the flexibility to keep inventory low while allowing your client the option to add patches to other items like flannels, jackets, polos, blankets, or bags. You could quickly turn that 24-piece flat embroidery order into 24 pieces of three different products with the same patch.

Patch options include woven, PVC, full embroidered, chenille, and screen printed.

Ever wonder what the origin of the patch is? And why they’re still popular today? Emily Potter of Outdoor Cap Company tells all in this article

Jeremy Picker

Jeremy Picker

Jeremy is the creative director and CEO at AMB3R Creative, a Colorado-based apparel design firm. He has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry and brings a depth of knowledge in custom design, screen printing, embroidery, applique, finishing, and promotional products. Jeremy has helped numerous brands launch and grow and managed merchandise for major label brands. He is also passionate about creating retail quality for the non-profit sector to fuel fundraising efforts and expand awareness. His current client list spans from churches to restaurants to corporations. He is a cancer survivor and a co-founder of ESTAINE, a high-end accessory line to support cancer education.

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