What questions need to be answered before beginning any sandcarving job?

Below are a handful of questions you can use to guide yourself through the prep-work of any sandcarving project:

  • How big or small does your artwork need to be in order to fit the substrate?
  • How many substrates need to be sandcarved with this artwork?
  • Does it make sense to tile the artwork and maximize the materials?
  • Does the artwork need to be set up as a back blast?
  • Does the project require multiple stages or depths?
  • Are the black areas 100 percent black and the white areas 100 percent white within the artwork program?
  • Are you using inkjet or laser media?

-Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullican IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan was previously the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation.

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