What new markets can embroiderers break into with emblems?

One of the great things about emblems is that they allow for the application of embroidery on items that are hard or even impossible to embroider by themselves. Emblems can-depending on the type of backing-be hand-stitched, machine-stitched, or sealed with heat to the item to be decorated. All that’s really needed is a space big enough for hold the emblem.

Some popular markets for emblem-embellished goods include the following:


The bane of many embroiderers’ existence, hats are tough to embroider directly, so tough that many embroiderers resist doing them. Embroidering an emblem is often much easier and faster than embroidering the headwear itself and can often be more cost effective, as the production time needed to hoop and embroider a blank patch is, in most cases, less than what’s required to hoop and directly embroider a hat.


Motorcycle clubs love patches and can be a source of significant income. Keep in mind, however, that the clubs you work with may be quite picky about the size and color of the patches they buy. Organizations that work with kids, like day camps, 4-H, or Scouts may also be fertile ground for embroidered patch sales.


Marching band, science club, pep squad, the clubs, and groups that could potentially need patches in a school environment can be endless. Keep in mind there may be multiple opportunities to sell patches to the same group if they have tournaments or competitions of some type. School clubs and organizations are also great places for upselling, as most groups that buy patches might also need shirts or monogrammed duffle bags or other gear.


Bigger corporations may get their uniforms from a rental uniform company, but there are plenty of small- to medium-sized businesses that need a few name tags for their servicepersons or want to add a new logo over the old one on the servers’ aprons. Companies, particularly those that might use garments repeatedly, can be a great place to sell embroidered emblems.


Patches that are simply embellishment or added to a garment for fun are quite trendy at the moment. If you have a creative or whimsical turn of mind, create a set of fun fashion patches that can be added to jackets or bookbags and sell them on Etsy.

The main thing to remember is that patches can be versatile and fun. If you buy pre-made blank patches and just do the embroidery, emblems can also be a quick way to make a little extra cash.



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