What makes up a successful blog post for a business?

So you’ve decided to take a crack at blogging for your business. Here are some staples you’ll want to include to ensure that you’re creating a successful post every time:

Relevant keywords-Utilize words that your customers are already searching for or that are pertinent to your business.

Helpful or interesting topics-Answer common customer questions or bring your audience up to speed on what’s going on inside your shop.

An attention-grabbing title-Find a balance between giving your audience a basic understanding of what your post is about and keeping it interesting enough to ensure they want to read your content.

Images and video-Visuals keep readers engaged, break up walls of text, and provide further explanation to back up your content.

Internal and external links-Internal links keep readers on your website, while external links help facilitate relationships with other entities and increase the chances of your content getting shared.

Call to action-Ensure your CTA touches on your audience’s pain points, helps with the collection of contact information, and promotes immediate action on the reader’s part.

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann is a marketing guru who's previously held positions at Shirt Kong, Coastal Business Supplies, and Imaging Supplies Warehouse. She has 5+ years of experience working in the digital marketing and social media fields. Borgmann has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in magazine writing and multi-cultural studies from Mizzou.

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