What makes a great logo design?

A great logo makes a subtle yet powerful impression and is a great asset for any business, group, or team.

The best logos are simple, but simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to design. You may want to express many things with your logo, but resist the urge to overcomplicate it, as this can overwhelm the viewer. There are a number of online templates that can help you navigate basic design concepts and keep your logo clean and simple.

Complementary colors are crucial to overall visual cohesion. Eyeballing the right color combos can be challenging, so try picking one base color to work with, and use a color palette to discover which colors will work well with what you’ve chosen. 

If you are including text in your logo, stick to one font. If you need to differentiate, choose colors, sizes, or weights within the same font family, or move between upper and lowercase letters for emphasis. Using too many different fonts causes confusion and distracts the viewer from the overall design.

-Vivian Choi, StickerYou

Vivian Choi

Vivian Choi is the Art Director of StickerYou, an e-commerce company that creates customized die-cut sticky products, including stickers, magnets, iron-ons, labels, decals, custom tattoos, and more. She has also worked as a freelance designer for over 13 years specializing in logo design and branding, photography, packaging, apparel, and web design for various small businesses and events.

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