What kind of savings can a CTS system bring a shop?

There are now CTS (computer-to-screen) imaging devices available for small and medium shops. Those making, on average, 10 screens per day will start to see immediate savings when incorporating CTS into their production. Shops that integrate this technology into their processes are going to see savings on several different fronts.

First, there will be film cost savings. Not only will your monthly spending on film be reduced, but you still no longer have to dedicate valuable floor space to saving boxes of film. Reproducing a job will not require tracking down your film positive.

Second, the labor time spent registering multicolor jobs decreases. This allows you or your employees to get printing. The quicker the garments start coming out of the dryer, the more money you make.

Third, the exposure time is significantly reduced. Without the need for film, you can use an exposure unit without glass or a vacuum. The average CTS-printed screen exposes in five to seven seconds. Going from pre-press to production increases the volume and number of jobs you can handle.

Finally, without glass or film during the exposure process, time wasted taping up pinholes is virtually eliminated.

—Lawson Screen & Digital Products

Taylor Landesman

Taylor Landesman

Taylor Landesman is the vice president at Lawson Screen & Digital Products Inc. Previously, he worked as an attorney for the State of Illinois, Department of Insurance, handling regulatory and litigation matters. During law school, he was a Senior Editor on the Journal of Law & Policy at Washington University in the St. Louis School of Law.

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