What kind of maintenance is required to keep embroidery lasers performing at peak capacity, and how often must it be done?

For single-head embroidery lasers, I recommend daily cleaning and lubrication of the embroidery machine’s hook. On the laser itself, you should clean the optical lens daily. It’s easy to reach; so all you need to do is use a cotton swab with alcohol and gently wipe it clean. Not performing daily maintenance will reduce the life of the lens, as well as weaken its performance. A clouded lens blocks the cutting beam.

For multi-head laser bridge machines, the daily maintenance is the same. However, there’s more periodic maintenance on a laser bridge because it does a lot more cutting. You want to check once a week that the vacuum lines are clean.

Also, check all vent openings and the filters for the electronics and cooling fans. Keep these clean so air is not blocked. The system is self-lubricating, so there’s no need for oiling. Your electronic boards do not require maintenance, but if you are having any issues, it should be one of the first places you check.


Ed Balady

Ed Balady

Ed Balady is president of BITO USA, Copiague, N.Y., a distributor of embroidery and standalone lasers as well as digitizing software. He is co-owner of Proel TSI, the manufacturer of the Proel line. He has been in the industry since 1985 selling embroidery machines and related equipment. To reach Balady, you can email him at or visit the website at   

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