What is the maximum weight a laser in today’s market can support in its bed?

The maximum material load weight varies based on manufacturer and model. Smaller machines have lower maximum weights than the larger systems, which are designed to handle larger parts and materials. To give an example, a system with an 18- X 12-inch working area may have a maximum load of 25 pounds dynamic, meaning the z-axis moves with the weight on the engraving table; and 50 pounds static, meaning the table is able to support the weight, but you cannot move the engraving table up and down. In comparison, a larger system with a 32- X 20-inch working area may have a dynamic maximum load of up to 66 pounds and a static up to 220 pounds. 

-Amie McGee, Trotec Laser

Amie McGee

Amie McGee is the Director of Operations at Trotec Laser. She has been with the company since 2004 and holds over 20 years' experience in the laser engraving industry.

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