What is the difference between DC glass lasers and RF metal lasers?

DC glass lasers are delicate devices. When integrated into a laser material processing system, they need additional cooling equipment to operate, can be dangerous to operators, provide lower quality output than other lasers, offer limited laser processing speed, and have a short service life.

RF metal lasers are today’s lasers of choice for a vast variety of applications in numerous industries. These lasers are designed to operate without high voltage and water cooling. This makes RF metal lasers inherently safer to operate in almost any environment.

RF metal lasers also offer a lower cost of ownership. RF metal lasers are designed to be durable, provide the highest performance with high laser beam quality, offer indefinite service life, and help assure operator safety.

-Manny Oropeza, Universal Laser Systems

Manny Oropeza

Manny Oropeza is a technology specialist and applications engineer for Universal Laser Systems. He has been employed with the company for over seven years, and is a member of the Advanced Materials Processing Center, which offers free application testing, consultation, and support to customers.

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