What is the best way to organize work areas in a custom engraving shop?

The best way to organize your work areas is to focus on organizing around efficiency. As a custom engraving shop, it is critical for us to move jobs through our lasers as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining focus on quality workmanship. To do this, we keep the laser engraving machines close to each other and we keep tables next to or behind our machines for product layout. You want to get products in and out of the machine as quickly as possible, so keeping the parts as close to the machines as possible allows you to gain the most efficiency. Identify all the areas that take you away from moving product in and out of your machines and focus on eliminating those steps that waste time. Eliminating inefficiencies means increased profit.

-Mike Westbrook, Mile High Laser Engraving

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook owns Mile High Laser Engraving, a custom decorating shop specializing in laser engraving, dye sublimation, and sand etching and carving. The shop offers awards, recognition, signage, custom engraving, and promotional products to clients across the United States. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mile High Laser Engraving has been in business since 2011.

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