What is an effective approach to drive prospective clients to my business?

One effective approach to driving prospective clients to your business is to create and pitch product mockups or project proposals in advance. This does a couple helpful things when it comes to strengthening your relationships with your clients (both old and new):

For those that have never worked with you before, a gesture like this gives potential customers insight into what kinds of products you can personalize for them and what they may look like; it’s an opportunity to show off your design skills and capabilities. Consider adding their brand/logo or clever saying to a few promotional products you carry. In some cases, the customer may buy them as-is! By taking initiative, you’ve not only shown off your ability to create great products, but you’ve also shown the customer you truly care about their business and its success.

In other cases, a mockup accompanied by a friendly email may be all that is needed to spark a new idea in the customer’s head that could lead to a sale. Either way, you’re going the extra mile for the customer by cutting out a couple steps in the ordering process and reducing some of the mental burden on the customer’s end, making it easier for them to buy from you. This may take some extra time and creative thinking, but the time and care investment required is worth it.

If a customer decides to pass on your proposal, don’t take it personally – remember you can re-use these mockups with each one of your potential customers now, and even in future years (for different customers) to make the most of your work.

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann is a marketing guru who's previously held positions at Shirt Kong, Coastal Business Supplies, and Imaging Supplies Warehouse. She has 5+ years of experience working in the digital marketing and social media fields. Borgmann has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in magazine writing and multi-cultural studies from Mizzou.

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