What glass drinkware options can decorators offer?

Pint glasses are a top-selling beverage glass. These are used for beer, sodas, iced tea, water, and many other drinks. There have been dozens of new beer glasses introduced over the years. Pint glasses are often used as shakers and to serve lager, ales, IPAs, stouts, and porters. There are many new goblet- and chalice-shaped glasses designed to serve heavier beers. You have your pilsner and weizen glasses. They look similar, but each is used for different types of beers. You will also find snifters used for different IPAs, while tulip and thistle glasses are often used for ales. 

Sometimes it is impossible to decide what beer or wine you want to try. Menu gridlock created a new category of glass: the taster. Just about every craft beverage house offers some sort of taster assortment. This gives patrons the ability to sample a small amount of several different beers, wines, and spirits. We have seen many different shapes and sizes of tasters added to the market. In addition to being used as tasters, these small, inexpensive glasses are often used as souvenir items. They make a great substitute to the traditional 1.5-ounce shots seen everywhere.

With so many choices, it’s important you offer your customer the glass that meets their needs.

   —Marck & Associates

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