What fabrication equipment can an engraving shop benefit from?

This equipment could come in handy in your engraving shop:

  • Beveling Machines – great for beveling the edges on cut tags, signs, or name badges made from plastic and brass. More robust machines can enable faster processing of thicker materials, and some include a built-in chip collector to help you save time on clean-up.
  • Shears – plastic, metal, or combo shears are available for processing sheet stock down to your desired tag or blank size.
  • Corner Shaper Press – add ornamental, rounded, decorative, notched, or step corners to a plate or sign. Additional shape options include corner holes or bag tag slots.
  • Safety Saw – When processing full sheets of material or thicker materials (0.59-inch aluminum, .02-inch brass, 0.27-inch plastic), a safety saw is the compact and safe answer.
  • Cutter Grinder – When your application is demanding, and you don’t have time to send your cutters out for sharpening, a cutter grinder allows you to sharpen your cutter back to factory specifications.

-Anthony Harris, Gravotech

Anthony Harris, Gravotech

Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris is the director of government sales and applications at Gravotech. He has over 16 years of experience consulting with clients and partners in the marking materials, engraving routers, and laser processing industry.

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