What electrical measures do I need to take before installing a new laser?

Lasers either have 240-Volt or 110-Volt power requirements, which is largely dependent upon the laser wattage. The higher the laser wattage, the higher the power requirements. Thus, you must have the proper circuit along with the proper plug receptacle before you do anything with your new laser.

It is also a good idea to locate your power receptacle near the laser. There is nothing worse than having your laser all set up, ready to be plugged in, and to find out that you have the wrong type of wall outlet, or you are too far away from the outlet.

While having a dedicated circuit or breaker for your laser is ideal, it is not 100 percent necessary. I have seen computers, laser engravers, and printers all share a single 15-amp circuit with no problems. It is wise to talk with your laser representative to find out what special electrical requirements are necessary for your laser.

-Richard Korbyl, Columbia Awards

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