What do I need to know when entering the ADA signage market?

In order to enter the ADA signage industry, you should determine if you are willing to put in some serious study time on what the goals of the ADA are, how accessible signage fits into those goals, and what details are going to be necessary for you to learn about and follow in order for you to provide truly accessible signs for your clients. Even if you plan to order the signs from others and resell them, you need to be able to distinguish between “good” and “substandard” signs if you are not going to put your clients at risk for lawsuits and complaints.

-Sharon Toji, The ADA Sign Lady

Sharon Toji, ADA Sign Products

Sharon Toji

Sharon, also known as The ADA Sign Lady, is the president of ADA Sign Products, as well as a consultant for the company. She's authored a manual, “Signs and the ADA,” and began her journey in ADA signage in 1980.

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