What do I need to keep in mind when shopping for a vinyl cutter?

When shopping for a vinyl cutter, you’ll want to make sure that your cutter has a wide enough cut bed for what you’re planning on cutting. Another very helpful tip is the software used with the cutter. Does it have its own proprietary software, or can you use it in conjunction with other design software out on the market?

The ability to do print-and-cut jobs is huge as well. Printable heat transfer vinyl is a very popular trend among garment creators. It’s always good to do research on the cutter’s manufacturer as well.  Only purchase from a manufacturer that you know will have your back in the event something goes wrong with the machine. It’s never a bad idea to nail down a good contact with the manufacturer or the dealer you purchased your equipment from in case you need technical support or equipment advice.

—Coastal Business Supplies

Chris Hindman

Chris Hindman has worked as a product specialist in the technical support department for Coastal Business Supplies since the beginning of 2016. He has been in the printing industry for over two years prior to Coastal. He started in eco-solvent printing where he spent his time creating banners and signs and then transitioned to heat transfer customization where dedicates his time to the education and troubleshooting Coastal's customers may have.

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