What considerations should I be aware of when using heat-applied graphics on hard goods?

The following are important considerations before you begin using heat-applied graphics on hard goods:

  1. Will the substrate stand up to the pressure required without being distorted? 
  2. Will it stand up to the “heavy pressure” instructions without being distorted or damaged when a design is being heat transferred onto the substrate? 
  3. Will the substrates withstand a temp of 300 F during heat pressing without being melted? For example, be clear on the maximum temperature that plexiglass, pre-coated wood, sign blanks, acrylic, and plastic can withstand during the heat application process.
  4. Will the coated or pre-treated item be durable enough for the sublimation process?
  5. Is a high-quality heat press being used since that is significant to the outcome quality of the finished product?
  6. Is the inkjet or laser printer equal to the task of producing a quality printed design that will perform well when heat transferring design to substrate?

These questions can be answered by the manufacturer of the substrates and in pre-testing, prior to a print run. 


Gregory Markus

Gregory Markus is the president of Rhinotech. 

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