What challenges may a digital decorator run into when moving their business to an online operation?

Editor’s note: This information originally appears in the 2019 Sublimation Report, a supplement to the April issue of A&E. In preparation for the 2020 Sublimation Report, take a look back at the 2019 edition

We are starting to see dye-sublimation decorators, whether it be in soft signage, apparel, or other applications, move their entire operation to an online presence. The challenge for moving to online operations has been that software has not kept pace with the requirements. Generally, RIP software does not talk to inventory software, does not work with production software, and cannot accept data from the web. But this is quickly changing with a number of companies such as Wasatch and Caldera, who are moving to new types of RIP workflows to enhance the overall operations of dye-sub providers.

   —Prism Inks/Graphics One

Dan Barefoot

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