What can shops do to stay memorable?

Be consistent. If you want people to remember who you are and how you can serve them, make it easy for them. Develop your brand and then stick to it. Use one color scheme, one logo, one look, and one overall message for your marketing. It can be something as simple as “We make you look good.”

The goal is to be so consistent that when someone sees your logo, company name, or social media post, they immediately think of looking good. Their next thought might be, “I need to get in touch with them.” I have seen even the best salesmen lose orders more often than you would ever imagine because they did not keep in touch with their customers nor remind their customers that they were available.

—National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP)

jennifer cox

Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox is one of the founders and serves as president of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP), an organization that supports embroidery and apparel decoration professionals with programs and services designed to increase profitability and production.

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