What can embroiderers do to keep their machines running for years?

Part of running your embroidery business means maintaining your equipment.

Although you might want to vet a trusted tech for the “hard parts” like greasing rails and checking for hidden wear and tear, routine maintenance is encouraged to lengthen the life of your machine.

Here are six steps to keep your machine in tiptop shape:

  1. Remove all thread from the machine and thread path to properly dust. Don’t miss between the tensioners!
  2. Check the O-ring for dust by shining a flashlight under the needle. You don’t want the new needle catching on anything.
  3. Remove the bobbin plate and check for debris. Thread can wrap around the shaft and behind the hook assembly, which can push the point of the hook too close to the eye of the needle. This mimics timing trouble.
  4. Run your fingers over the tension disks, hook and positioning finger, throat plate, bobbin case, and needles, and carefully rub any burrs away. Fine-grit sandpaper or crocus cloth does the trick.
  5. Use a magnifier to check the hole in the throat plate where the needle and thread pass through. Any chips can cause threads to shred.
  6. Check the motor and its filters. Any debris here causes the machine to run too hot.

—Embroidery Line

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