What can decorators expect to find in a turnkey heat-printing package?

If you are decorator considering a turnkey heat-printing package, you should expect to get all of the essential items to get you up and running. This applies to heat transfer vinyl, sublimation, transfer paper, etc. In most heat-printing packages, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Equipment. If you buy a printer or vinyl cutter package, you can expect all the components of the printer or cutting plotter to be included, which should also include a good warranty.
  • Software. Some software is required in digital printing either to create your designs or for your computer to communicate with the printer or cutter. The design software may or may not be a part of the package. However, with a turnkey solution in wide-format printing, you should expect that it will come with a SoftRIP program.
  • Consumables. Consumables take the form of print media such as paper, vinyl, ink, and, in some cases, a cleaning solution. Turnkey packages may even include production items such as a weeding tool, squeegee, application tape, and other useful tools to have on hand. At a minimum, with a dye-sublimation printer package, expect sublimation transfer paper and blank substrates. For vinyl cutters, expect transfer vinyl or calendar vinyl to use with your cutter. With eco-solvent printers, you will receive heat transfer printable vinyl and/or printable calendar vinyl. Finally, expect to get heat transfer paper in a turnkey inkjet or laser package for heat printing.

Purchasing a heat-printing package that includes consumables is beneficial because, with any new equipment, there will be a trial and error period. Mistakes are inevitable, and paper, ink, and blank substrates are needed as you get the hang of things. If the consumables come with the initial purchase, it feels less like wasting money as opposed to purchasing paper and ink separately.

Turnkey heat-printing packages are a great place to start if you are considering adding a new personalization method to your business or if you’re new to the industry altogether. They encompass everything you need to start and grow your business.

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