What can decorators do to gain attention on social media?

First and foremost, you need to know whose attention you want, and where those people are online. Essentially, you need to find your target audience, both in terms of the actual people you hope to make connections with and the places they go on the internet. Keep in mind that no business has a customer base of everyone.

Task number two is to figure out what you’ll be talking about with that target audience, ideal customer, etc. Create a content plan. It doesn’t have to be detailed but needs to contain the highlights of the message you want to convey. Sometimes this plan will be as simple as jotting down some bullet points. Other times, it can have strategy notes that go on for pages. The main takeaway is that you have a list of topics to address.

Now, it’s time to let customers behind the curtain so they can get to know you better. People are more likely to buy from the business they trust. Giving your potential customers glimpses into the shops’ day to day activities and share employee and customers stories. You can even try sharing funny or sweet things that happen along the way. This openness gives them a better picture of you and your business.

The most important and final step is creating good content. If your feed is a litany of “buy my stuff” people will start to tune out. Part of developing a content plan is figuring out what your ideal customers want to hear and see from the businesses where they spend money. Share content that helps your potential customers understand your products.

The main thing to remember is this: If you consistently produce content that is worthy of attention, you get noticed. The only way to gain the kind of attention you want is to be there day after day, providing useful and interesting information and insight. If people don’t know who you are and what you have to offer, they won’t be inspired to give their money to you, which means your business may not be alive for long.


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