What benefits can specialization offer a laser business?

Offering a limited selection can be beneficial because it allows you to truly perfect the settings for a certain material. In other words, if you specialize in glass engraving, your results would likely be better than someone who engraves all types of materials.

Additionally, product specialization makes you more time efficient. Let’s say you are specializing in wine glass engraving for weddings and other events. If you have a selection of 20 different glasses available, you are able to have the files set up and ready to go for each glass. Type in the text, insert the graphic you want to engrave, and you can begin.

By cutting down your set-up time, you can decrease the time you have to spend on each project. This can significantly increase your throughput on the laser system.

-James Stanaway, Epilog Laser

James Stanaway Epilog Laser

James Stanaway

Epilog Laser

James Stanaway is the director of marketing for Epilog Laser and has been with the company since 2001. In this time, Stanaway has greatly strengthened the marketing efforts not only for the company, but he has also implemented many programs and resources for Epilog Laser users and customers to help build their brand, expand their business, and better understand all the applications available with their laser system.

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