What are two major pros and cons of financing and leasing?

The pros that come with financing include the ability to preserve your cash-on-hand with a fixed monthly payment while knowing precisely what your financing costs are for the term of the agreement. A financing option provides a great path to equipment ownership without having to lay out all the cash upfront.

With leasing, the pros include not owning technology or equipment that will have little business value after the payment period is over.

Additionally, it offers the ability to lease a newer model once the payment term is up. As with financing, the lease is still preserving your cash with a fixed monthly payment, and in most cases, it will be a lower payment than with financing. The potential con with leasing is not knowing how much your buyout will be at the end of the lease, which you will have to pay should you decide to purchase the equipment and keep it.

Greg Bourdon

Greg Bourdon

Greg Bourdon is the Partner Vertical Sales Manager at Direct Capital with more than 11 years' experience in providing financing for the print and apparel decorating industries. Greg is an excellent leader with a unique and focused perspective on small business growth, thanks in part to Direct Capital's dedication to making every customer experience remarkable. Direct Capital offers a technology-enabled financing platform that allows business owners to apply within minutes and often get approved within seconds. To find out more, visit or call 877-786-5327

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