What are the types of beam delivery systems available for lasers?

Two types of beam delivery systems are available for lasers, and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Ideal for high-speed engraving is the galvanometer or galvo system. Typically having a small field size or work area, the galvo systems are known for quick and precise engraving. The key to the galvo system is the process of steering the laser beam using a hyper-accurate motor-controlled mirror. Often limited to a work area of 8″ X 8″ or less, the galvo engraving system makes quick work of engraving jobs using the advanced and fast mirror systems. 

If larger work areas are an important part of your business, consider the plotter style or gantry laser systems. With bed sizes ranging from a tabletop 12″ X 18″ to super-sized 4′ X 8′, there are plenty of bed size choices to fit your business type. Still plenty fast for engraving, the gantry-style laser system moves the engraving head in that familiar back-and-forth motion or raster mode. All around the more flexible of the two laser system designs, the gantry style of laser is also an affordable and reliable tool for your laser engraving shop.


Mike Fruciano

Mike Fruciano

Mike Fruciano is the Distribution Sales Manager - The Americas 3D Printing & Laser Systems at Coherent Inc. Mike brings 25 years of laser systems, laser processing, and materials experience, and is a frequent writer and speaker on these topics. Contact Mike at 602-616-4971 or at

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