What are the concerns of those buying high-end glass and crystal awards?

By nature, high-end means high price. One must take into consideration the quality of raw materials used, hours of labor worked, designer craftsmanship, brand name, and the overall exclusivity of the award when thinking about a price point. People searching for high-end pieces know what to expect, and the high price is not necessarily a deal breaker. These buyers are a part of a select group who is willing to pay top dollar so long as the award meets their expectations.

That being said, it is possible they are coming in with a specific vision they are looking to execute. This could mean talking them into enhancing a piece from an exclusive line designed by a renowned artist, or the creation of a custom item.

-Mayra Barboza, PRISM Crystal

Mayra Barboza

Mayra Barboza is the Marketing Coordinator at PRISM Crystal.

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