What are the best ways to encourage booth traffic at a trade show?

Exhibiting at a trade show is always an excellent option for promoting your brand and introducing your products to new customers. In the wholesale world, customers aren’t always able to see your range of products. Trade shows provide a space to showcase what’s current and what’s to come. To have a successful show with optimal booth traffic, it is crucial that you follow three simple guidelines.

1. Promote that you will be exhibiting at the trade show.

Use your website as a tool and incorporate a trade show calendar including your booth number. Putting this information out there will help new and existing customers plan their show schedule around yours. As a bonus, send pre- and post-show emails to customers letting them know how much you’re looking forward to seeing them at the show and thank them for stopping by. This added communication adds a personal touch and will stand out from a sea of other wholesale businesses attempting to grab the same customer.

2. Take advantage of the advertising options the trade shows offer.

Each show has different advertising options such as banners, show directory ads, and website advertisements that will bring additional awareness to your brand and booth.

Once customers arrive at the show, make it a point to stand out from the rest of the booths around you. Having a setup that represents your brand identity is always key for attendees to recognize you. Always stay true to your brand’s marketing strategies and use it when designing your booths.
Another option to increase traffic is to have interactive properties in the booth whether it be TV screens with your latest campaigns and YouTube videos or iPads where customers can navigate the website and explore the equipment, products, or solutions you provide.

3. Make sure that your product is displayed and merchandised in a clear and organized manner.

A clean display is appealing to passersby and will grab their attention, as well as make a lasting impression.

Many factors go into a successful trade show but remembering to stay true your brand is always crucial. Many tools are readily available for promoting your brand at a trade show, but authenticity never fails. After all, customers are not only buying a product-they’re buying into your brand.


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