What are the benefits of UV-LED printing versus sublimation printing?

There are a bunch of ways that UV-LED printing wins over sublimation, but here are just a few:

  1. Printing White: Printing with white ink means that you can print on dark colored things. That’s a big advantage, allowing you to print on dark woods, metals, and more. White ink also makes back printing and two-sided printing possible on clear materials like acrylic.
  2. Standard Blanks: Because there is no need for sublimation-specific blanks, you can print on almost any blank substrate you can think of. With flat sublimatable blanks, the options are limited, meaning you have to wait for it to ship or pay more for it.
  3. Rich Black: Getting a dark, dense black color can be a challenge with sublimation – but not with UV. The CYMK W ink sets can deliver stunning color and contrast.
  4. More Detail: With UV printing, ink is jetted directly onto the spot you want it as opposed to having to create a sublimation transfer, position it correctly, make sure it doesn’t move, and apply with pressure and heat. Direct jetting makes for a more accurate print, and that means more detail.

-Don Copeland, ColDesi

Don Copeland

Don Copeland

Don Copeland is a pioneer in the decorated apparel industry and is currently the product manager of the UV printer brand Compress, from ColDesi Inc. He brings over 25 years of digital printing experience to the DTG and Compress brands. Don has been instrumental in the development of direct-to-garment machines to the industry back in 2004 as well as many other accomplishments.

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