What are the benefits of offering made-in-America products?

Aside from the satisfaction received from being a retailer that offers U.S.-sourced products, there are a number of other reasons to offer products made in the USA. Creating jobs in the U.S., supporting safe and fair working conditions, contributing to the U.S. economy, and offering quality products that the U.S. is known for are amongst many other reasons to carry made-in-the-USA products. U.S. products are also designed for the American consumer in mind, taking in consideration the American culture, design and color trends, and likes and dislikes.

-Rich Zydonik, Rowmark

Rich Zydonik

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Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is the executive editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines. Before that he was served as editor of Sign & Digital Graphics and Sign Business Magazine. He can be reached at 720-566-7286.

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