What are the benefits of mirrored acrylic for laser projects?

Mirrored acrylic cuts with a smooth, glass edge and engraves with a clear finish. A major benefit of laser processing mirrored acrylic is when we reverse-engrave on the back side of the material. First, remember to mirror the engraving graphic and text and increase the engraving power slightly to completely vaporize the mirror coating, and engrave slightly into the base acrylic. Adding color is easy with acrylic paints. The result can be stunning when a contrasting color is applied, creating a detailed engraving of the mirrored surface when viewed from the front.


Mike Fruciano

Mike Fruciano

Mike Fruciano is the Distribution Sales Manager - The Americas 3D Printing & Laser Systems at Coherent Inc. Mike brings 25 years of laser systems, laser processing, and materials experience, and is a frequent writer and speaker on these topics. Contact Mike at 602-616-4971 or at

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