What are the benefits of having a stamp selection in my shop?

Most personalized products are just that – a single personalized product. But a stamp provides for hundreds or thousands of things to become personalized. A stamp is a personalized product that keeps on giving, over and over … It is a practical product with functionality in both the home and in business. Stamps provide a great way to expand sales of all products into new markets.

Here are some specific benefits to having a stamp offering in your shop:

  • Minimal investment. With an existing laser, the equipment cost is nil. If purchasing equipment to make stamps, the entry-level investment is well under $1,000.
  • Low manufacturing cost with a great profit margin. A custom name and address stamp can be made for around $8 in materials and will sell at retail for $20 to $25 or more.
  • Stamps are a great leader to new customers into the awards/engraving store, particularly business people that need to order or pick up stamps.

-Tom Jackson, Jackson Marking Products

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson has over 40 years of experience in the rubber stamp/marking device industry. He works as general manager of Jackson Marking Products in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

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