What are the advantages of chemical etching?

Chemical etching is a method of engraving that uses a high-pressure temperature-regulated chemical spray to remove material to create a permanent etched image or shape in metal. The main advantage with chemical etching is that it etches the whole surface area of the material at the same time. The amount of detail and size of the etch area have little effect on the process time. This means that it’s possible to deep etch even large and complex designs in minutes.

Etching is a non-contact process. The material is dissolved atom by atom, producing a smooth burr-free finish and leaving the material grain structure unaffected. There is no heat distortion as associated with laser processing, and no tool wear similar to what occurs when processing hard metals such as stainless steel by mechanical engraving methods. 

Chemical etching is a great way to increase your range of products and services while utilizing the skills and equipment already at the heart of your business. 



Liam Dullaghan Jr.

Liam Dullaghan Jr. is the manager at Laser2Etch, an English company that aims to make chemical etching more accessible to laser engraving and sign companies. Laser2Etch is a division of Mastertech, a company Liam has been with since 1983.

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