What are some unique sublimatable products?

The sublimation industry is a swift and ever-evolving one. Technology. Substrates. Design tactics. New methods, products, and equipment pop up every day. Here’s a couple new things that are popping up in the sublimation market:

  • Sublimated socks are already a staple in the sublimation market, but sublimated no-show socks are the perfect way to express personality and style in professional environments where off-the-wall apparel might be frowned upon.
  • Pet Urns can now be purchased as a sublimatable blank so you can sublimate photos of a beloved furry friend; you can even attach an existing urn to a sublimated plaque. Either way, there’s a lot of growing potential for pet memorialization in the dye-sub market.
  • Customizing office supplies like mousepads, notebook covers, and desktop décor can keep productivity up and give note-taking a whole new feel.

-Chelsea Borgmann, Coastal Business Supplies

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann is a marketing guru who's previously held positions at Shirt Kong, Coastal Business Supplies, and Imaging Supplies Warehouse. She has 5+ years of experience working in the digital marketing and social media fields. Borgmann has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in magazine writing and multi-cultural studies from Mizzou.

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