What are some unique sublimatable items currently on the market?

Slate is a popular sublimatable item right now. Used more often by photographers, slate actually makes a unique plaque or award that can be displayed on a desk. It all depends on the design.

Slate’s natural stone-cut border adds character to an award, straying away from traditional lines, while its ability to showcase photos and full-color images make the final product striking and stand out from other types of awards. They can also be used to mark occasions, such as births, graduations, promotions, anniversaries, and memorials. The application is only limited by the designs you can create.

There are also medals that have inserts you can sublimate for specific events and teams/schools. You can add sublimated nameplates to trophies and other types of award products.

Promotional products also do well in an awards and engraving environment, as many customers that are looking for these items are also in the market for promotional items.

Robin Kavanagh, Sawgrass

susl019 slatesquare
A sublimated slate photo gift. (Image courtesy of Condé)

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