What are some signs it’s time for an embroidery shop to upgrade?

Five common scenarios indicate your business is ready for new equipment. You know when your machine is no longer functioning, but it may be time to asses your options if these other red flags appear.

Your embroidery equipment breaks down frequently.

Even if repairs work, you’re losing revenue from lost productivity while your machine is down on top of the cost of fixing it. Plus, there are substantial benefits to replacing a worn-out embroidery machine before it completely goes out and leaves you stranded with no way to hit project deadlines.

Your business has grown.

Growing pains are a standard part of the embroidery industry. Getting too much business too quickly can create a cycle of cashflow and productivity challenges unless you have the equipment and resources in place to handle the influx. A new machine can help keep you on track. Dual-function technology machines allow users to run two different jobs simultaneously on the same embroidery machine, which can help you meet quotas faster.

You’re looking to expand.

If your business seems stuck in one place, and you’re hoping for growth, the right machine can put you on the path to success. Depending on the manufacturer, new models have features that can open up additional product opportunities and improve your efficiency to allow capacity for new business. One example is an adjustable presser foot that makes 3D puff design simpler.

You’re hiring embroidery staff.

Replacing team members or adding new employees can come with a steep learning curve that impacts productivity in the short-term. If you’re planning to upgrade your embroidery equipment, timing is everything. Time the transition with the hiring of employees to decrease lost time and product waste. Moreover, consider a machine that boasts a small learning curve.

Your workflow needs streamlining.

If you’re struggling with productivity or waste, upgrading to a new embroidery machine can help curb both with features designed to make your business more efficient. Devices capable of more stitches per minute, as well as significant memory and versatility, can help you run faster and reduce downtime between jobs.

—Stitch It International

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