What are some products or services that a decorator can offer to memorialize pets?

Pets are like family members and losing one can be devastating, but beloved fur friends can also be memorialized in many ways. A photograph can be placed in a personalized frame; a paw print sublimated onto a wood or metal photo panel or SubliStone; or offer to laser or sandcarve images into wood, glass, or slate. There are also pet urns available with lids that can be lasered or are recessed to hold a ceramic tile with a photograph or a paw print.

   —JDS Industries

Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban is the Communications Specialist at JDS Industries. She joined JDS in March of 2001 as a Customer Service Rep and worked in various roles in that capacity over the past 18 years. Cheryl moved into her position in the Marketing Department in February 2019.

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