What are currently the most popular design trends for home décor products?

Monogramming engraving is popular – we have customers that monogram everything from baby items to whole sets of mint julep cups, bowls, trays, key rings, and desk sets. I think they all heard Reese Witherspoon loud and clear when she said, “My rule is, if it’s not moving… monogram it!”

Monograms are a great way to personalize all of your items in a high-end way. It may seem traditional, but it has been making a modern resurgence.

Exploring social media regularly is key to staying on trend.

—Salisbury Inc.

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Stephanie Barrett Salisbury

Stephanie Barrett

Stephanie Barrett is the production manager for Salisbury, a family-owned company that produces hand-crafted metal heirloom products. Stephanie was hired in 2006 as a customer service rep, moved into a sales and marketing assistant role in 2012, and took over her current role in August 2020.

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